Do you know what it’s like to be a petite woman? Well, I’m not sure how many of you are petite, but if you are, you know the struggles of being smaller. You can’t wear anything off the rack without alterations. Nothing is tailored for your height unless it’s straight from the designer’s clothing line. And don’t even get me started on high heels! The world was made for taller people, and we’re just trying to fit in as best we can. But no more! We’re taking our fashion back and starting to do things our way – one outfit at a time.

What should petite girls wear?

In a world where people are getting taller and taller, it’s hard for petite women to find clothes that fit well. This article will give you the essentials for wardrobes for petite women, including jeans, dress pants, skirts, shirts, and jackets.

woman's wardrobeA Good Pair of Jeans

The most important piece in a woman’s wardrobe is her pair of jeans. For petite women, Levi’s offers their Curve ID line with different waist heights from low rise to high rise and inseams up to 34 inches long. In addition, these jeans have been explicitly designed to look great on shorter torsos and smaller frames!

A Well-Fitting Blazer

A well-fitting blazer is another key piece for petite women. Blazers can help create a flattering silhouette, and they can also be worn to dress up or dress down any outfit. For petites, it’s important to find a style that is not too boxy or oversized. A slim-fit blazer is a good option, as it will help to elongate your figure.

A Little Black Dress

Every woman should have a little black dress in her wardrobe. The little black dress is the perfect go-to piece for any occasion, whether you’re going out for dinner or drinks or attending a formal event. It’s important to find a style that isn’t too tight or revealing. A knee-length sheath dress with long sleeves is a good option as it will help to elongate your figure and create the illusion of longer legs.

petite girls

A Pair of Comfortable Flats

Another important staple for petite women’s wardrobes is a comfortable pair of flats. Petites often have shorter legs and ankles, so you’ll want to find a style that doesn’t add extra bulk around these areas—high platform heels are generally not the best choice for petite women. Instead, opt for low-heeled or no-heel styles that provide stability and support without adding extra weight to your frame.

How to dress a petite figure?

Dressing for a petite figure is not an easy feat. But it doesn’t have to be! Below are some tips and tricks to help you dress your body type:

  • avoid clothes with wide stripes and horizontal prints because they will make you look wider than you already are.
  • wear vertical stripes instead of horizontal ones if you want to try something different.
  • choose clothes that fit the top of your body well so that they don’t overpower your frame.